Hi There!

Hi there, my name is Magan!

Since this is my first official post, I thought I would share a little bit about myself. I am from a small town in Alabama. Yes, I am an Alabama fan, but I’m not one of those obnoxious fans so please don’t let my choice of football teams determine whether you will read my blog or not. 😉 Anyway, my family is very important to me!! I am very close to my parents and my brother and sister-in-law. I have two precious nephews! They call me Mae Mae, so if I refer to myself as Mae, that’s where it comes from. My family calls me that for short. SO, yes, that means it’s just me. I just turned 32 and I am single. And it’s ok! I love my life and I’m so thankful for it!

More than anything in my life, I am Christian. Jesus is the Lord of my life. Which brings me to the reason that I am starting this blog. I want to share my heart! I have learned and am continuing to learn so much about Jesus in my relationship with Him. I believe we all go through a lot of the same things and it is so nice to be able to relate to someone who is going or has gone through the same things. That is the purpose of this blog. I want everyone who reads this to be encouraged and to know that there is hope in this broken world.

I look forward to sharing my heart with you!


5 thoughts on “Hi There!”

  1. From first meeting you, Magan, i sensed God’s special touch on your life,,, through music, What a beautiful voice! After reading your heart (blog),,, I see a full package and thank God that He is working in your life as you yield to His call on your life. HE keeps every promise in His Word… and I believe he has a special call on your life. Love you and you family.


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