Change is a good thing!

So I start a new job tomorrow!! This was a bittersweet decision for me. I loved the company that I was working for and loved the people I worked with even more, but it was time for a CHANGE. Hence, the title!! Of course, I am nervous. It is a new everything basically. New company, new people, new job (meaning different type of work), new building, etc. However, if I am looking at this optimistically it would be more like…I GET to meet new people, I GET to learn new things, and I GET to learn a new place. To some, anxiety is written all over that, but I am looking at it as a new chapter! Chapter 21 is what I am calling it!! There is no significance behind the number 21 other than the fact that it is my favorite number. It was my basketball number from middle school all the way up to playing in college. So this is the beginning of my favorite chapter!!

If you know me at all, you know that I like to get my hair done. A LOT!!! Ha! My aunt, whom I am very close to, is a hair stylist. She has been cutting my hair since day one and she has somewhat spoiled me! Growing up I always had blonde hair. It started getting a little darker as I got older and into middle school so I wanted to get highlights because my blonde was going away. Not sure if my aunt still does this, but she wouldn’t let me have highlights until I was in high school. So, come high school, I got my blonde back! Ha! I continued to have blonde hair through college up until my senior year. I went to a very small school in Mississippi in a very small town that didn’t even have a stop light. Being so small, entertainment was scarce and we had to find ways to entertain ourselves! This one particular weekend, my roommate and I were bored and we went to the closest Walmart (about 10 minutes away) and got some hair dye! Lord help! And it was BROWN hair dye! YIKES! This was the first time that I was doing something with my hair on my own. I didn’t tell my aunt or my parents. Such a rebel! Lol! So we colored it and I HATED it!!!! LOL!! Weird, right?! Considering my hair is now brown and I love it and I will never go back blonde. Anyway, in that moment, going from blonde to the complete opposite was terrible for me. I didn’t know who I was because I had been blonde for so long. This change wasn’t something I was ready for. Silly, I know. It’s only hair, Mae! But going from something that I had known for so long to something that was so completely out of my box was a change that I wasn’t prepared to make.

I think we all can be this way. Comfort zones are where it’s at right?! Knowing what you’re day is going to be like, having that routine is very comforting because you know what to expect, most of the time. I was just talking with one of my best friends and we were talking about this whole comfort zone thing. Ironic! I am looking into starting and teaching a new singles/young people Sunday school class at church, and she is helping teach some of the youth girls in our church. These are both out of our comfort zones. But, as most of you know, being a Christian is so NOT about being in your comfort zone. It’s about taking steps of faith and getting uncomfortable for Jesus. I have no clue what will come of this class, if anything. I’m quite nervous about it actually. But I do know that I can take that step and try. That is all God wants to see!

I love how God kinda reassures me of the things that I am going to write to yall about. Last week’s post was of course Psalm 139, but part of it was about how God cares so much for you and how He cares about the tiniest detail about you! Well, in last week’s sermon, my pastor spoke about those things. This week is obviously about change. Guess what part of the sermon was about this morning?! 😉 Yup! Thank you Lord!

So I am coming into some changes in my life, and I’m excited to see what God will do through and in this new chapter of my life.

God thank you for new beginnings and new chapters. Lord I pray about this new chapter in my life that I am about to take on! Please calm the nerves that will try to build up. I pray that You use me and let Your light shine through me as I meet new people! God, please let them see something different about Magan. And I pray for anyone reading this today. If they are stuggling to get out of their comfort zone, Lord may this be that push that they need! Let them know that You have a calling on their life and it is better that anything they could ever imagine! Don’t let me forget that either, Lord! Our strength to change is found in You, Lord, so please give me Your strength today.

Chapter 21…ITS GO TIME!!!!


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