Safari Adventure

So my friends and I (the “Fab Four”) went to the Harmony Park Safari this weekend. If you don’t know what that is, it is basically a mini zoo here in Huntsville. The difference though, is that there is a drive thru part where you can actually feed some of the animals. They literally come up to your car and you feed them out of the palm of your hand. Yall, I have not laughed that hard in SO long!! I had crocodile tears running down my face! It actually ended up giving me that smokey eye look so it worked out! Ha!

I borrowed my brother’s GoPro to take with us because I knew this was something that would need to be documented. We get there and pay at their little window and start heading toward the animals. The GoPro has been on MAYBE a minute and all of a sudden it beeps and…memory full. NOOOOO!!! #facepalm!! Audra gets her phone out to start videoing. Well, in between the failing GoPro and Audra’s phone was probably one of the funniest incidents to happen on the entire trip! An aggressive llama! This was mine and Meg’s first time to the safari. I was somewhat nervous but pretty excited and so was she. We didn’t really know what to expect. Anyway, when this first llama came up, he came to my window. I am driving by the way. He jabs at my cup and it scared the mess out of me!! It makes me jump, I scream, and I literally toss the entire cup of food in my car!!!! This is a red solo cup FULL of food!! That a girl Mae!! Laughing has commenced! At that point, Bobbie, who is sitting behind me, hands me her cup of food. I stick it out the window and that stinkin llama grabs the cup and is inhaling that food while biting down on the cup! Ahhhhh!! We are all screaming and crying with laughter! All the while, Bobbie is in the back yelling “get my cup, get my cup” over and over again!!! Cue the crocodile tears!!! I am hurting from laughing so hard and we haven’t been there ten minutes. Unfortunately, we did not get that on video…#GoProfail #thanksdusty! 😉 But that is not exactly something we will ever forget!!

We move on to the cows and the buffalo. They are huge! Just an FYI to anyone thinking about going in the future…probably a good idea to be in a truck or and an SUV. I can’t imagine going to that place in a car! Seriously, those animals were sticking their heads in my windows trying to get their food. I drive a Toyota 4Runner which put them right there at my window, so I can only imagine how they would be with a car that was below them! Anyway, nothing too crazy happened with the buffalo and the cows. One of the buffalo kept licking my door handle on Audra’s side and it sounded like he was eating it! Ha! That freaked me out a little bit. Other than that, they we fairly calm. Next up is the llama that we decided to name “Sidestep”. And I will get to why. We did have a llama that came up that was very sweet and I actually fed him out of the palm of my hand. He was gentle and I liked him. But then here comes Sidestep. He was white with brown spots. And not only him, but the aggressive llama from the beginning came back for more too! Meg and Bobbie are both in the back. At one point both of them are climbing on top of each other because there was a llama on both sides of the car, reaching their heads in trying to get food!!! They are screaming, Audra and I are crying laughing!! It was hilarious!!! This did get on video and it WILL get posted!

We moved on to the rest of the zoo. After feeding the animals there is a walk through part. They had a couple of baboons, some tortoises that we didn’t get to see because that had been put up, some lemurs, pigs, exotic birds, and kangaroos. We didn’t see the kangaroos either, which I’m ok with because I hear they can be a little feisty. The last part we went into was the reptile house. Now, I do NOT do snakes or any other reptiles for that matter. However, when they are in cages behind some really thick plexiglass and I know they can’t get me, I actually find them quite interesting. It’s ok if I’m weird! Majority of the reptiles in there were snakes. They had SO many. They had pythons, boa constrictors, tree snakes, many others that I can’t remember, and an ANACONDA!!  It was a baby and I am pretty sure it was either 15 or 18 feet long ALREADY!!! Holy Cow!! They had an alligator snapping turtle that was massive and some spiders and some weird looking lizards or whatever they were. Anyway, while we were walking through, Bobbie said something that basically summed up this whole trip. She said, “Don’t you know that God has sense of humor.” And she was speaking of how each animal looked and how they were different and kinda funny looking.

One of my favorite TV shows is called Reba. It is HU-larious!! Totally recommend it! Van is the son-in-law in the show and he makes a comment to his wife. He says, “God has a great sense of humor. Look at ostriches.” Bahahaha!!! And we saw one at the zoo too! It’s so true! I think God loves to hear our laugh! You know how precious it is when you here that cackling laugh from a child?! One of my favorite things! I like to think that is how God looks at us when we laugh and we are enjoying life. I think it is important for us to have those carefree moments! My girls and I try to get together at least once a month because that is what we do. We literally laugh like that every time we are together! This past week was a tough week for all of us whether it was because of us having to take care of a sick child or family member or because of work. We needed these few hours to just let out a laugh and get rid of the stress that the week had brought on. I pray that you have someone or a few someone’s in your life that you can have these moments with. They are necessary. It might be lame that we call ourselves the “Fab Four” but we don’t care because it is our thing. Each of us bring something to the table for one another. We compliment each other. We are all connected in some way or another and I’m not just talking about being friends. I mean that we connect personally in some way with each other and we all balance each other out and it is SO good for all of us.

I know this was a little different than my previous posts. This was more of a feel good post. I needed it because of the long week I had last week. It ended so well though! The message Sunday was about the good Samaratin. Loving your neighbor as yourself. Love God, love people! To love God, is to love people! Not just your best friend, but more so the ones that need it. Jesus said, “Whatever you do to least of these, you also do to Me.” (Matt 25:40)  To quote my pastor, be “Jesus with skin on”!! Reach out to people this week. Just smile and say hello. Tell someone that you are thinking and praying for them and actually DO IT. Just love on someone that needs it today. Ask God to put someone on your heart, and He will!

God I pray you help me to love on people! Help me to put others first! I pray that Your light shines through me so that others see something different in me! I want them to see You in me!! I want to thank you for the week ahead and the work you will do in and through my life and in others!! I love you my sweet Jesus! AMEN!



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