Happy Thanksgiving!

Have you ever heard that phrase “what if…you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?” The first time I saw this, I seriously just said “ouch”! That kinda hurt!

Man, how often do we go to God with our issues and complaints and ask why haven’t You answered this prayer or why did this happen or not happen. I am completely guilty of this pretty much every day!! I hate that I am so focused on myself that I miss the bigger picture! This is basically how our society is telling us to be today. Focus on yourself, it’s all about you, as long as I am happy then what else matters. Don’t get me wrong, it is completely important to take care of yourself, stay healthy, but I feel like we can get out of hand with this. I know I can. So this rest of this post will be a thankful post!

I am thankful for my family!! Obviously, I am a little bias, but I have the best family EVER!! My parents are incredible! They just had their 38 year anniversary! #goals!! I have always loved them and been very close to them but I never fully appreciated them until I got to college and even now. I love the way my daddy loves my momma. I pray for a man that loves me the way he loves her. It’s beautiful! My brother…I am so thankful for Dusty! He makes me laugh ALL the time! I wish I had the sense of humor he has and I wish I could tell stories like he does! It’s so funny too, on the rare occasion that I make him laugh, I get this sense of pride! Ha! He can be somewhat closed off when it comes to his feelings, but he sent me a message this past year on birthday while I was in Haiti. I didn’t get it until I got home of course, but it was one of the most precious things that he has ever said to me and I will never forget it!! I am so thankful God picked me to be your sister! I am so thankful for his wife, my sister-in-law but we always drop the “in-law” because she’s always been more of a sister than an in-law to me and to my whole family. She is the sweetest and most selfless person that I have ever known!! She is truly a beautiful soul and her life exudes Jesus!! I love you Erin and I am so thankful you are apart of our family! My precious nephews!! Eli and Easton, I am beyond thankful for you!! You have a special place in my heart and I absolutely LOVE being your Mae Mae!! My heart is so full of joy when I see you and you yell “Mae Mae” and come running to give me a hug!! My extended family…there are so many of you and I am so thankful for each and every one of you!!! You aren’t just aunts and uncles, but you’re mentors, and I know without a doubt that if we’re to ever come to you for help, you would drop everything and help me!! I’m thankful for you! My precious cousins, who are more like best friends!! Oh the many stories that I love to reminisce with you! We are closer than any other family I’ve known and I wouldn’t trade you for the world!

Lord, I’m thankful for both of my grandmothers and the amazing lives they both lived. I miss them every day. I miss seeing my my Mamaw every Tuesday. I miss hearing my Memaw’s voice. I miss their hugs. And even though this holiday season is going to be hard, I’m thankful because I know that they are celebrating Jesus, actually with Jesus!! Thank you Lord!

My friends!! Holy cow, I am beyond blesssed to have the friends that I do!! I have a friend that I have known since kindergarten and we still make a point to get together for dinner and a movie every few months. I have a best friend from college that put a whole other meaning to a best friend that I had ever known. We can automatically tell if something is wrong with one another just by the way we answer the phone. I hate that we are in separate states but that doesn’t change anything between us! I have a best friend here that is more like a sister to me. We even get asked if we are sisters all the time! She is so precious to me! Her family is my family and my family is her family. I have a friend whose known me since I was 6 or so. She’s watched me grow up but we are so close and I know she would do anything for me! I have a friend and we’ve only known each other for about a year, but we are already really close and I know we will only get closer! You all know who you are and I want you to know that each one of you were prayed for and I am so thankful for all of you!! I have so many other friends that God has blessed me with and I don’t know what I would do without you all!

I am thankful for my church family, my pastor, and my worship leader! Y’all, I love my church!! I love that my pastor’s passion is the community and missions and more than anything he loves Jesus. His phrase is “be Jesus with skin on” and he definitely lives that way. My worship leader is incredible! His heart for Jesus and music is something that I can truly relate to.

Thank you Lord for the little things that we don’t even think about to be thankful for. For food to eat, for a nice place to live, for my job, and for a healthy working body.

Thank you for this country and the men and women that fight for it every day!! There are a couple in particular that serve that hold a special place in my heart. One is in Alaska with his family. I can’t imagine all the things you have seen and all the things you have been through, but I truly believe you are a better man for it today. Thank you and I love you! The other just left for Virginia for a few months. You can frustrate the ever livin mess out of me, but I love you just the same! Thank you for what you do!

More than anything in this world, I am thankful for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!! I am thankful for the cross and the meaning of it! Thank you Lord for forgiveness, for mercy and grace, for never leaving me, for knowing the details, for seeing every tear I’ve cried, for Your Holy Spirit, for Your peace, for being my strength when I am weak, and thank you thank you thank you Lord, for saving my soul!!!


Be thankful today!!!! 🙂


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