You Don’t Even Know…

I’ve mentioned before that I like going to the gym. Seriously, I really do enjoy it! I was in there this past Monday just doing my usual thing. When I go into the gym, I don’t really talk to anyone. Not that I am rude, at least I don’t mean to be, but I just put my earbuds in and go to work. I will smile at people but conversations are limited because, obviously, I’m there to workout! Anyway, this particular day, I don’t know what was really wrong, but I must have had a fairly gloomy look on my face. This guy working out on the machine next to me, looks at me and mouth’s something to me. I took my earbuds out, looked at him with a confused look, and he repeated “Are you ok, what’s wrong?” Threw me a little bit, but I just smiled and said “no I’m good.” He wasn’t convinced apparently. He said, “no, you usually walk in here, head up, focused and confident, and ready to conquer the world.” I said “oh!” I gave some sort of excuse like “thinking about something” or “a lot on my mind”. Whatever. I was surprised, but it made me realize that people YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW do pay attention. I know what you are probably thinking and no, he wasn’t hitting on me. It was a friendly thing. The next day, feeling like my usual self, I walked in and headed straight for the locker room, which is what I always do, and I walked the guy. He said, “now that’s what I’m talking about!” Ha! I laughed and totally understood what he was talking about! Later, I thanked him for saying something to me because it made me more conscious of how I carry myself!

I used to get told all of the time that people that I don’t even realize see me and watch me. Not in a creepy way though! Ha! When I was in school, I can remember my mom, my Sunday School teachers, and youth pastor’s telling me that you never know the people that are watching you. When you make it known that you are a Christian, it’s almost like a massive target is placed on your back and people will watch every move that you make. Unfortunately, I think that those people are waiting for you to mess up more than anything, but they want to see how this “Christian” carries themselves. Those people definitely saw me mess up a whole whole bunch! Ha! But that is a very good reminder that as Christians, we are held to a certain standard. We have to be careful with the things we say and the things we post to social media! Me included!

And Lord have mercy, IT IS JUST A STINKIN FOOTBALL GAME!!! Roll Tide! War Eagle! Go Dawgs! Whatever!! Jesus is ALIVE!! The tomb is EMPTY!! He is COMING BACK!! PRAISE GOD!! Get excited about that!!! I love sports, I really do. Love to play and watch just about everything, but dear God in heaven, I pray that that resonates with someone reading this!! If the rest of your day depends on the outcome of a football team/game (that consists of 18-21 year olds mind you) then there needs to be some sort of come to Jesus meeting…literally!

…End of Rant…

A prayer that I pray all the time is “God help me to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.” (James 1:19) I am somewhat sarcastic in my everyday life. My mouth can and has gotten me into trouble before. And if you know my family, you know where I get it from. We all can be that way. But there are times when a comment will just fly out of my mouth without me ever thinking it through and next thing I know, it has done more harm than good. I hate it when I do that! My mom always says that it’s the tone in which you deliver your comment. That makes all the difference in the world! Ha! I get it though! We have to be so careful with our words, because those are things that can never be taken back. Once they are said, that’s it. And I am one of those that will let certain things just fester in my mind for way too long. It is so crippling to the mind, but that is Satan. He will use that to his advantage and just pry into your mind and thoughts to keep that negativity going. However, I am so thankful for forgiveness and the love of Jesus. Because of Him, I know what love is and I know what it is like to be forgiven even though forgiveness may seem undeserving. I certainly do not deserve it, but I am so thankful for His grace and the fact that He forgives me anyway. So, just as Christ forgave me, I must forgive as well.

This is not a very long post but it is a good one to make you take a look at yourself. People do see you and watch how you will react in certain situations. And I truly believe God uses that. I was listening to KLOVE Morning Show and they had Natalie Grant as a guest. Not too long ago, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. They had to go in and do surgery and they told her that it would take about seven months for her to recover and get back to singing. If you don’t know Natalie Grant…Yall, girl is an INSANELY amazing singer!! #goals!! She has the most beautiful voice and a beautiful heart for Jesus! Anyway, she had surgery about seven weeks ago and she was back on tour this weekend. Not seven months, but in seven weeks she was back on tour! What?! God is so good! She mentioned though, that she absolutely believed that God allowed her to go through that to influence other people. Not only people in her life but people that follow her. They were probably thinking, oh she’s a Christian and has been diagnosed with cancer. We are going to watch this unfold! I wonder if she’s going to get mad at God? I wonder what she will do if the worst happens? From day one Natalie Grant said she wrote down, “my outcome does not determine His goodness.” That’s huge! There is no telling how many seeds were planted by seeing how she walked through this journey of battling thyroid cancer. What a testimony and a praise!

God help us to be more mindful as Christians as we walk through this life. Help us to remember that we are representing you on this earth! God help us, help ME to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry. Help us to watch our tone when we are speaking to one another! 😉 Help us to love with the love of Jesus! God, let Your light shine through us so that others can see You through us! I give You praise for the wonderful God that you are! Thank you Lord!




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