I Love it When He Speaks!

I’m gonna tell you one of my cool God stories today! Have you ever prayed about something, I mean earnestly prayed for something and then go to God’s word and the first thing you read is like BAM…Here’s your sign!! #billengvall I had this happen to me a while ago and it was the most awesome thing!

It’s not a very long story, but it’s a goody! I was talking to this guy. It was nothing serious. We had been only been talking for maybe a week or week and a half. Side note…yours truly doesn’t date a lot, ok. Just in case you haven’t figured that out already. I usually know fairly early whether or not anything is worth pursuing. I am not one to date just to date and I have never been the one that had to have a boyfriend either. Anyway, I was kind of at that point where it was time to make a decision. Is there something there? God, what are you thinking here?  This guy was a smooth talker to say the least. Nice looking, knew the right things to say, but there was something that just didn’t feel right. That in itself should have been enough, but I just got on my knees and prayed about what I needed to do. I was in Proverbs at the time and I was reading about one chapter a day. And some days I would break the chapters up. I was in the middle of chapter 26 on this particular day. Before I started reading, I literally prayed for God to tell me what to do about this guy. Prayed for a clear sign. This is what I read when I opened my bible…

“Smooth lips with an evil heart are like glaze on an earthen vessel. A hateful person disguises himself with his speech and harbors deceit within. When he speaks graciously, don’t believe him, for there are seven abominations in his heart.”

Proverbs 26:23-25

Yall, for real?!? I was like, ok God, I hear you LOUD and clear! I wanted an answer and He sho nuff gave me one!! Ha! How awesome is that though?! This is exactly what I was questioning about this guy. I know that God is real, and I know and believe His word, but when He uses His word to speak to me like this is just re-confirms my faith!! Thank you Lord for protecting me from something that was obviously not of You!!

Have you ever asked God to intervene on something if it is not His will? I do all the time! And not necessarily just on guys I go out with. Maybe it has to do with a job or a decision in your family, or maybe a moving opportunity, whatever the case. And whenever I ask Him to intervene, if it not be His will, He does!! When I do ask, I usually ask Him to give it to me straight too. None of this subtle stuff. I literally need Him to knock me down with the answers sometimes because more often than not, I push aside those subtle hints. But God saves me from myself, saves me from making a really bad decision. Thank you Lord! There are times though that God allows me to walk through the hills and valleys. Maybe there are lessons that have to be learned or my faith needs to grow a little bit. The only way to do that is for it to be tested. God still guides me through whatever it is and I pray for wisdom and discernment to make the right decision. No matter the case though, God is ALWAYS with me!! He never leaves me and never forsakes me!!

When I took on this new job, I had been praying for a door to be open a few weeks prior to it. It was time to move on from my last position. And when big things like changing jobs or other big decisions happen in my life, they happen rather quickly. When it came to college, I had no clue where I was going until Christmas break of my senior year. Cutting it a little close, but eh, details! 😉 Anyway, Blue Mountain saw me play at a Christmas tournament and maybe a week after they were giving me a full ride to play for them! Thank you Lord! My car! I had been praying and waiting on the right kind of car that was right for me. Yes, God cares! Found my car online one day and I called my friend that was the GM at the store here in Huntsville. He got the dealership in Florence to bring it to Huntsville the next day and I bought it two days later. And it was the car that I had always wanted!! This job! Like I said, I had been praying about it. I applied for a couple of jobs at the company’s corporate office. My cousin is the one that told me about the company and she knew a guy that worked there. I got his email and sent him my resume as well. I sent him an email one morning, he responded, and mentioned that my job now had just come open and he thought I would be a good fit for it. I said I was interested and I was literally sitting in one of their conference rooms later that day having an interview. And if you know anything about the government, that just doesn’t happen! The key in all of these things is that I prayed for each of them. Yes, leading up to it may have taken some time and there were of course difficult and stressful times. Not only with jobs prior to this one but also when I was deciding what to do about college. Lord have mercy, there was one fight I had with my mom that I will never forget! (she won’t either) It was probably our worst ever, other than the one about marshmallows! (And if you don’t know that story…well, ask me sometime! It’s a classic!) And it goes without saying, but waiting on my husband. Holy cow, stressful times indeed! All that to say though, when the time is right God will come through! He is never early and He is never late! He is ALWAYS right on time!!

I know, as Christians, this can be the hardest thing to learn and comprehend at times. There have been countless tears because I just want answers and I want God to explain to me what the heck He is doing up there! But praise God that He works for the good of those who love Him! (Rom 8:28) His timing is perfect. As hard as it is to hold on sometimes, remember that He has your best interest at heart! He loves you and His plan for you is WAY better than the plan that you have for yourself! You just have to trust Him!!

Praying for you today! God sees you!!


It’s almost Christmas time! Don’t forget why we celebrate it!!

Love yall!! 🙂



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