Where Do You Place Your Blame?

Usually the things I post about on here are things that I am facing and experiencing in my everyday life. This is something that I have been learning lately. I don’t know about you, but I for one am so quick to blame all of the bad things or disappointments that I face on Satan. Do you do that? However, many of those disappointments were a product of my own stinkin decision.  Which is frustrating!! For example, why did I decide to go back to college a fifth year? I’m not even doing what I went back to school for! Now I am paying for it…literally! Avoidable! Why did I make this comment that hurt my friend’s feelings when I should have just kept my mouth shut? Avoidable! Or the classic, what was I thinkin when I gave you a chance to date me?! Ya know, I don’t have ex’s, I have Y’s…like Y the heck did I date you?! I saw that quote one time and it cracked me up because I totally relate! Ha! Some of those guys, if not all, were AVOIDABLE! There are many more decisions that have been made in my life, to cause some slight chaos, that I caused and not Satan. Don’t get me wrong, Satan does not like you and he wants you to mess up all of the time, but as much as we like to blame someone else for our problems, sometimes it’s our own fault. As hard as that might be to swallow, it’s true.

As difficult as it is to go through, God allows it to happen. I don’t know if you know this, but everything that “happens” to you or everything you face has to go through God. Even when Satan is involved. Think about Job. He had to get permission from God to mess with him. Same with you! We may not understand it, and we may never understand it this side of heaven. There will come a point though, that you will appreciate the time that you went through because it brought you to who you are today! A big part of why God allows you to go through these times is because, it makes you rely on Him. He knows that it’s hard and difficult but what does His Word say about weakness? His power is made perfect in it, and when you are weak, He is strong! (2 Cor 12:9-10) If things were hunky dory all of the time, then we wouldn’t go to God near as much, if at all. Yes, praise Him just as much in the good times, but it is when we are weak that our faith grows! It makes you stronger in your walk with Jesus which is necessary to live a Christian life. You have to understand that God will use those difficult situations at a later time in your life. More often than not, it is to relate and/or minister to someone that is going through the exact same thing that you did at one time.

I heard this message this past week from a certain pastor that I listen to from time to time and he mentioned the whole thing about placing blame on Satan, which inspired part of this post. He gave a few examples…you’re alarm didn’t go off this morning, so now you’re running late. Uh oh, Satan must be under attack. OR, it could be because you didn’t set your alarm. Everyone in your house got the flu. Satan is attacking our house. OR you got it from the massive population of people that have the flu at the present time. It is contagious, ya know. Car didn’t start this morning. Dang, Satan is out to get me. Or you just need a new battery. Been there!! And please don’t get me wrong here, I AM NOT TAKING UP FOR Satan!! He hates us and the feeling is mutual!! But sometimes we put ourselves in these situations and God allows it to happen. He wants you to make your own choices and see how you deal with it. Kinda wish He wouldn’t sometimes, because it would save me a whole lot of tears, but it is what it is. And this is how you grow in your walk with Him. He can’t protect you from everything. When children are growing up, sometimes the best thing for a parent to do is let them fail because that is where they learn the lesson. My God, our good and loving Father, sees us the same way. We are His children! Much like our earthly parents, He doesn’t like to see us fail, but He knows that it will be the best thing for us. He says, “ya know Mae, this ain’t (yep, God says ain’t!) gonna be fun and it’s probably gonna be pretty hard on you, but I’m gonna let you make the decision on this, and no matter the outcome, I will be here EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.” He already knows the outcome too! But He has to let you experience it in order to grow from it.

When you get to the point of accepting and giving God glory for all the struggles that you’ve been through, your spiritual life will grow tremendously. And this is somewhat of a continuation of what I wrote about last week…about Joseph. All those things that he faced over a number of years. Being thrown into a pit, being sold, put in prison, etc. All of that though, to get to Egypt and to help and save lives through the seven year famine. So maybe everything that you are going through is getting you to your purpose, like Joseph. Who knows?! God does! He is 100 percent in control of your life!!

I realize that this went somewhat deeper than I usually go, but God has been working on my heart and I wanted to share with all of you! I hope you all have an amazing week this week!! Praying for you always!

God, I love you and I thank you for the life that you have given me. That includes the highs and the lows. I know that it is for a reason and I pray that you are glorified no matter the outcome of whatever I face!

In Jesus name…Amen!


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