Nonni and Meems!

I went to Atlanta this weekend to see one of my greatest friends. She’s my crazy friend and she would completely agree with that description! You know the saying, “marches to the beat of their own drum”? That is Nonni! I would not trade her friendship for the world. We go back about 9 years or so. We met when I was working at the Landers McLarty Nissan dealership.  We worked in the service department together. When I first met her, I was still somewhat stuck in my “small town” bubble. I had not really been out in the real world until I started working at the dealership. And boy, did my bubble bust wide open! Ha! I did love that place though! I still have really great friends that I keep in touch with that I met while working there. Anyway, this will not be a long post today, but I wanted to tell you about Nonni and what she has taught me over the years.

You should know that Nonni is not her actual name. We gave each other nicknames. She calls me “Meems”. Nonni and Meems! Now, when I introduce her to people, I have to give them a caveat because, like I said, she’s crazy!! Ha! And sometimes I don’t say anything, I just say, you will understand when you meet her. More than anything, she is just FUN!! There is never a dull moment with her! Nonni and I are complete opposites on SO many levels! You know how you see couples together, and you wonder how they are together? Well, our friendship is kinda like that. You look at me and I am conservative, laid back, and can be somewhat quiet. She is not quiet at all, has one side of her head shaved, she has one of those horseshoe nose rings (is that how you describe it?), and she has her own sense of style, and you KNOW when she comes in the room! “Nonni’s style” is the only way to describe her style! AND she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! The bluest eyes you have ever seen!!  It is crazy to me that we fit so well together, but that is what I love about her! And it is what she brings out in me that makes me want to be around her! She brings out this weird confidence in me and an “I don’t care what people think” attitude, and it is the most freeing thing!! I can be so concerned with what people think about me sometimes, but when I am with her, that all goes away! When we first became friends, I would just shake my head at her sometimes (still do every now and then) because I couldn’t believe she had the guts to wear whatever she was wearing, or that she could just go on a vacation across the world by herself, or that she could move to Atlanta for a guy that she had known only a MONTH! (🤦🏻‍♀️ SMH!!) Nonni doesn’t think, she just does! I wanted to be that brave!! Still want to be! She is the one that got me into singing karaoke! That brought me out of my shell more than I could have EVER imagined! She was always my cheerleader! Coming up with different songs that I could sing. Songs that would show off my voice! Like I said, the bubble was busted! But confidence in myself was being found!

I would get asked how we became friends, and I never really knew how to explain it. The only thing that makes sense is that she was a godsend! I had been home from college for about a year and I was struggling in the friendship area. All of my friends from college were over an hour away from me. All of my high school friends had either moved away or were moving on with their significant others and starting their families. It was a really difficult time for me. Then here comes Nonni! No, to a lot of people it probably doesn’t make sense, but our friendship just works. We look out for each other. We are very protective of each other! We do go through times where we don’t talk for months. She came to see me right before Christmas and it was the first time I had seen her in a year or more. But that doesn’t change anything. And I think that goes with a lot of my long distance friendships! I haven’t seen my best friend from college in over a year as well, but that doesn’t mean that our friendship stops. Life happens, but we love each other just the same! And it’s the same with Nonni and I!

I know yall don’t really care to hear about a random friendship that I have. The whole point of this post is to encourage you to be who you are and not stay so focused on what others think or say!! Trust me, I know that can be a whole lot easier said than done. Especially for me! I can get so caught up in appearance and wanting others to like me, but if I am being someone that I’m not, then what is the point?! Have confidence in yourself! There is a lot of hate out there and someone always has to say something, but there is also A LOT of good out there too!! You just don’t hear about it! Be confident in who you are!! In the man or woman that God made!!

Thank you Lord for crazy friends!!




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