Search Me God..

I have been praying a lot this week for God to bring to my attention anything that needs fixing in my life. For example, asking forgiveness for something that I did that I haven’t yet asked forgiveness for. Maybe asking a particular person for forgiveness that I hurt in the past. Maybe something that I am doing that I need to repent of and turn away from. Have you ever done that? Does God answer you right away? Or is it one of those situations that just eats at you and you don’t even have to ask God to bring it to your attention because you already know what He is going to say? My situation is somewhat like that, but it happened so long ago that I keep pushing it away from my mind. It always seems to creep back up though.

If you are a Christian and you are in the wrong, it never goes away does it?  No matter how long it takes. Until you make things right with God, or that certain person, the Holy Spirit will be there saying, “hey, you need to fix this”. And have you noticed, when you finally get things right, the weight or that little nagging voice is GONE!! I won’t go into details about my situation because it isn’t necessary, but it was over two years ago. Wow! I treated someone unfairly and I believe I hurt them. I handled the whole situation poorly and it STILL bothers me to this day!! And the reason is because I never settled it with that person. I never asked for forgiveness. And since then, this person comes up in my mind periodically and I continue to feel awful about it. Well, like I said, I have been praying for God to bring to my attention whatever I needed to get right. At church Sunday, guess who’s name came up when I was talking to my PASTOR?! Not my friends or my family, but my pastor!! Yes, that person came up in conversation! Ok, God, I hear you! He probably said, “FINALLY”!!! For some reason, I have to be beaten in the head before I realize what I need to do sometimes. I think that’s a “Weeks” thing. Actually, no, I KNOW it’s a “Weeks” thing! Ha! Reaching out to this person isn’t easy for me. It’s never easy to admit when you are wrong and to set your pride down after TWO years is not easy either. There are probably some harsh feelings built up towards me and whose to say that this person will even speak to me, but I have to share my heart. This person deserves an apology from me regardless of the reaction I get back.

I challenge you to do this in your quiet time. Ask God to reveal to you if there is anything that is hindering your relationship with Him to grow or take the next step.  The reason God may not have answered a certain prayer could be because He needs you to make this situation right first. Or maybe you know exactly what God wants you to do and you just continue to ignore Him like I have. Thankfully, what God gives me in return is GRACE!! Thank you Lord. He will do the same for you! He loves you past all of your failures. He continues to give second chances and I am SO thankful that He does! I can’t tell you what it will do for you spiritually if you ask God to bring these things to your attention, and if you actually do something about it. It’s likely that it will be extremely difficult, especially if your wronged someone and you are having to ask forgiveness. However, your relationship with Christ will soar leaps and bounds beyond what you thought it could! When you become less, so He can become more, God moves mountains!! Give God all of that glory!!

“Search me God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”

Psalm 139:23-24

Just make that your prayer today and every day!! I pray that you have a wonderful week!! 🙂


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