For Such a Time as This..

“And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” Esther4:14

I love the story of Esther. She is an incredibly brave woman and such an inspiration on how we as women and even men should live today. This particular verse is Mordecai speaking and it is in reference of Haman’s plot to destroy all of the Jews. Mordecai wanted Queen Esther to go and speak to the king about the decree that Haman had issued. He had ordered all the Jews to be killed. Now, you would think that wouldn’t be a problem, however, if you weren’t summoned by the king and you went for a little visit without him asking to see you, the death penalty would ensue. Yikes!! Esther said, let me fast on this for a few days and told Mordecai to do the same. I mean, if there’s a chance that I am about to meet my death willingly, you better believe I am gonna talk to God about it too! “God, are you SURE this is what I am supposed to do?” All ends well though! Esther goes to the king and he welcomes her in. Long story short, Haman is found out, Jews are safe, Mordecai is honored, and Queen Esther is awesome!! You should go read it for yourself because it is such great story!

I want to focus on that one particular verse that I put at the very beginning though! “..for such a time as this.” When I was growing up, I always thought I had to do something big in order for my life to be significant. Even as I got older, I sometimes would feel that way. Like I need to be a famous singer, or a well known speaker, or somehow touch a lot of people and be seen by a lot of people in order for my life to be complete. This isn’t exactly a healthy way of thinking, because being famous like that is not exactly something that happens often to a person. It took me a long time to understand that God chose me to be in this exact place and time for a reason! I was born at this particular time in the history of the world. God decided to make David and Donna my parents (Thank you Lord!). And gave me the greatest brother ever! He gave Dusty (brother) the most amazing wife, which is a God story all on it’s own! If you don’t know it, you should ask him! 😉 Anyway, God chose you to live at this very point in time and in this very place. I LOVE that! And He put you here for a REASON!! It’s not about how popular you are or how many “likes” you get on social media, although that is what our world defines as significant these days. Don’t get me wrong, I can get caught up in that mess as well, but that is not why we were put on this earth. God is not going to ask you which picture was the most liked on your Instagram or Facebook account. Your life has more purpose than winning a popularity contest! God did not create you just for the heck of it. Despite what your parents tell you or what you have heard, you were not an accident!! You may have been a surprise to them, but you were NOT a surprise to God Almighty!!

When I started this blog, I had no expectations of how it would turn out. I still don’t, really. I just felt led to do it. I had thought about it for a long time and then I let a friend read my Tim Tebow story and she said, “you should write a blog!” And that was all I needed to hear! I truly enjoy writing this every week. My prayer is that it touches just one person every week. If God can use this blog to reach people, then I will continue to write it! There are weeks that I struggle on what to write, and there are some that I have put more effort into than others. Ashamed to admit, but it’s true. I didn’t do this for attention. I didn’t do this to see how many follower’s I could get on here. Which is good, because that’s not what it’s about. It’s about you! Whoever you are that is reading this right now! Those people that send me a message or tell me in person that they love reading this blog, or a certain post touched their heart. That is why I do this! FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS. No, I will never be a Beth Moore or Priscilla Shirer and that’s ok! That wasn’t what I was called to do. I probably will not marry Tim Tebow and go to events to speak to young people about Jesus as his wife. Which is really unfortunate, but sometimes you just have to face facts! Ha! 🙂 Anyway, my life is here in Alabama with my family and my best friends, my church, and my softball girls, and many other amazing things. And if God can use me to make any kind of difference in their lives, that is significance at it’s finest!! You don’t have to be on a big stage to be important! God can use you ANYWHERE! You just have to let Him!

Lord I pray that we understand that we are where you want us in life! We may not understand the season that we are in, but we are there for a reason and I pray that we see it to fruition! Don’t let us be anxious, just let us live day to day seeking Your guidance and living to please You! In Jesus name I pray…Amen!




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