My Girls!

So softball started this past week for me! For those that don’t know, I am one of the assistant coaches for the softball team at Hazel Green High School. This will be my second year of helping with the team. I love it so much! I originally went to college for teaching and coaching. I am not teaching, but I am getting to coach which is what I wanted more than anything. I know some people breakout into hives when they think about being around that many teenage girls for a long period of time, but I’ve always loved that age and gotten along really well with them. It is a new year for us and I am so excited that things have started back…aside from the fact that I am freezing my tail off every day! Other than that, it’s great!! Ha!

Oh, by the way…we won the state championship last year!! It was AMAZING!! I’m not kidding when I say that it could be made into a movie, and I’m about to tell you the story!

So we made it to Montgomery. We had won our area tournament, and our regional tournament and now we take on STATE!! We were pumped! We were playing Daphne High School out of Baldwin County. They had to beat us twice in order to win the championship. We, obviously, only had to win once. We didn’t play very well the first game. Daphne came out ready to play and we weren’t playing like ourselves. I think it was the sixth inning of the first game (we play seven innings) when things start to get a little crazy for us. We were already down four to nothing. The girls were in the field on defense, and Coach H (head coach) starts acting strange, has to sit down, and starts getting really light-headed. Don’t worry, he ends up passing out from the heat. Yall already know this crazy Alabama weather. Well, it was extremely hot and humid that day, and we had been out there literally ALL day! Staying hydrated was something we continued to tell the girls. However, it is something our head coach didn’t take into consideration. That’s one of those, “do as I say, not as I do” type deals. Anyway, so he was carted off the field and was taken to the hospital. Which means, me and the other two assistant coaches were left with coaching the rest of this game, and what would likely be a second game, by OURSELVES!! We were all first year coaches and to say we were somewhat panicked would be an understatement. I mean this isn’t just any game, it’s the CHAMPIONSHIP game!! We couldn’t tell our girls this though. They were traumatized enough with seeing their head coach carted off the field! Heck, I was too!! But, we had to keep a brave face on, whilst freaking out on the inside! We did take a few minutes to let the girls calm down. Cool part…we circled up together as a team and I got to pray with them for Coach. While we were praying, the other team came and circled around us and prayed with us! Thank you Lord that Your name can be glorified out of a really awful situation! Moving on. We finished the first game and Daphne won four to nothing. We had a talk with the girls before the second game. By this time, emotions had finally calmed and they had their game faces back on. I think it was more of a mindset that they wanted to finish what they had started for their coach who wasn’t going to be able to be there. There was about thirty minutes or so before the second game started. The coaches and I had talked and we were ready to make this happen. I felt it and it was good! Game starts and Daphne won the toss which made them the home team. That means that they are in the field first and they would get the last at bat. Fast forward a little bit…we are in the fourth inning and the score is four to nothing and we are winning. Well don’t you worry, here comes a severe thunderstorm! UGH!!! Seriously!! So whenever lightening strikes close by at a softball game, you have to wait thirty minutes until you are able to play again. And that goes for the most recent lightening strike. We pulled up the radar and the storm is basically right on top of us. They tell us to go to our cars and wait it out. Great days!! We go sit in our cars for a good hour. Meanwhile, we are texting the girls to keep their heads in this game, do NOT lose focus, we are not finished yet!! Storm finally passes and we go back out to the field and warm up for maybe 15 minutes. It’s go time! Let’s finish this! Well, Daphne was not going down without a fight. They score two runs right off! We are finally to the bottom of the seventh inning and the score is still four to two and we are still winning. All we need is three outs and we are going home with a blue map (trophy)!! Daphne is at the bottom of their line up, which was great news for us, or so we thought. Typically, those are your weaker hitters. Number eight batter gets up and hits a single. Number nine batter gets up, hits another single! So much for “weaker” hitter! Runners are on first and second and their lead off batter is up. That is just great news!!  Oh, and to top things off, ole girl has committed to Auburn to play!! Lovely!! I wish yall could have seen me in the dugout! Ha! She ends up flying out to center field. Caught it…one down…two to go!! Next batter, our pitcher, who’s in eighth grade at the time, brings it harder than she had all day and strikes the girl out!! YES!! Two down…one to go, and we are the proud owners of a blue map! Next batter is their pitcher. She had been drilling the ball against us in both games!! It wouldn’t have been anything for her to hit a dinger (AKA…homerun) at this very moment! Lord have mercy, I am FREAKING OUT!! Girl hits a little dink shot to our short stop, SHE CATCHES IT, and WE ARE 6A STATE CHAMPIONS!!!!! AHHHHH!!! I literally ran out on the field like I was one of the girls!! I was straight up in the middle of all that madness!! Lol!! Hilarious! I could not believe it!! It was one of the best and most fun experiences of my life!! Just telling you about it and re-living it is making smile!! So good and so proud!!

When I was asked to coach last year, I was excited about it, but I was very apprehensive as well. I didn’t play fast pitch softball. Showing my age a little here, but I grew up playing slow pitch and that is good bit different than fast pitch. In my mind, I didn’t really know what I was going to be able to bring to the table. Especially when it came to fundamentals. I hit fly balls to them, that’s about it! Ha! What I do love though is that I feel like I am their momma, or I’d rather say big sister. 😉  I am the goofy one that picks on them and likes to mess with them and have fun. I know I make them mad at times. They roll their eyes at me and look at me like I’m crazy. Ha! I know I can drive Coach H crazy too, because I can get the girls riled up. Ha! It’s kind of funny, but don’t tell him I said that! I love it when they come to me for advice, or just to vent, and I love being there for them. I can tell when they are upset. Most of them wear their heart on their sleeve so it’s easy to tell when something is bothering them. And they are teenage girls…HELLO!!! Hormonal, emotional, mean, but can be very sweet! Kinda like a sour patch kid!! Yes, they can drive me crazy as well. Especially when they joke about me being single and how they want to put me on Farmers Only. #facepalm Lord help me!! Just about every day!! All things considered though, they are my girls! I am so proud of them and proud to be one of their coaches!

The best thing, and I will end with this, is that I am very open about my faith with them! They know that Coach Weeks is a Christian and that she loves Jesus! I tell them that I pray for them! They know they can come to me about faith related topics and not feel weird about it! That has opened doors all on it’s own and I pray it will continue to do so!

So this is a new year!! Yes, last year was amazing, but I pray that these girls learn to become a family and put Jesus first in their lives above all else. I pray they learn to respect each other like you need to do in every team sport that you play!

Come out and see the girls play sometime this year! When it gets warmer of course! I would not be out in this cold if I didn’t have to be! 😉

Go Lady Trojans!!

Never Satisfied! -Coach H


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