Conjunction Junction, What’s Your Function!


Please tell me that you sang that title!! Haha!! The ole School House Rock songs. The only reason that I still, to this day, can say/sing the Preamble!! So, shout out to School House Rock, because you’re awesome!


We had a tournament this weekend in Hendersonville, TN. We went down on Friday night and played two games and were supposed to get up and play Saturday morning at 8:30. Well, just so happens that a pretty bad storm came through very early Saturday morning and caused the games to be delayed until later in the afternoon. Our first game was not until 2:30 that afternoon. So, if we kept winning, it was going to be a long day and night. Well, because my girls are awesome, we kept winning! We played from 2:30 to about 10:45 that night! We actually made it to the championship game!! However, there are rules in Alabama apparently. The rule is, you are not allowed to play any game after midnight. Even if the game were to start before 12, you have to stop playing by midnight or you will be fined and possibly put on probation. Bless!! The game that would determine who would be playing us in the championship game did not start until about 10:45ish. That game would take an hour and a half at least, which meant that the championship game would not start until fairly close to 12. Ugh!! So, unfortunately we had to drop out of the game and take second. 😦 The girls did SO good though!! We played some very good teams. They competed every second and came out on top every game that we played! So proud!!

So, I left the ball field around 10:45!! If you don’t know me, that is WAY past my bed time. I literally go to bed about 9 or 9:30 every night. Sometimes earlier. So it’s 10:45 and I still have to drive home, which is about 2 hours. It had been a long day, I was already worn out from being on my feet all day, and now I have to drive home. Lord help me! Thankfully, I took one of my girl’s home and it helped having her in the car with me. We talked some and that was needed!! After taking her home, I went to my parents house because it was closer. I got in bed about 1:30 A.M. and got up about 6:45ish. I truly believe that I did not move while I was asleep because I was in the exact same position when I woke up as when I fell asleep. WORN OUT!! Ha! Stick with me…I’m getting to my point! I had to be at church at 8:30 for praise team practice. I had a small solo yesterday. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have gone. My plan was to sing and then go home so I could get some sleep, which is what I did. I went back to my parents and I think I took about three different naps yesterday afternoon. Ha! So tired. Oh, and to make it worse, I slept horrible in the hotel Friday night, so I was literally running on fumes. All this to say, I DO NOT function without sleep.

Ready for my connection?!?! I don’t function without sleep…well, I DO NOT FUNCTION WITHOUT JESUS!!! Have yall ever tried to do things your own way? Of course you have! We are human. Goodness knows, I definitely have. And wouldn’t you know, I struggle when I do not talk and spend time daily with my Savior. I usually fall flat and fall hard on my face when I attempt to do things or live my life on my own terms. Don’t get me wrong, even when I am spending time daily with Jesus, my life is not always a bed of roses. However, I do know that when I count on Jesus to get me through things instead of counting on myself, there is a peace. His peace, the Holy Spirit. It’s not always easy, but I have a peace that everything will be ok. A peace that surpasses all of the junk that I may be facing at the time. There are always going to be tough times. We aren’t promised otherwise, but when you walk through those times with Jesus, it is always different that when you try to get through it by yourself! How lonely is that anyway?! Doing things on your own? I mean, I know a little bit about it. I know what it’s like to want someone to talk to, to vent to, to give you a hug and tell you that everything will be ok. In those times, that is when I feel God speaking to me the loudest. I feel Him in my heart saying, “I’m right here, Mae. Talk to me.”

He is saying the exact same thing to you! He longs for you to spend time with Him! When you are crying out for someone to listen, He is saying, “I’m right here!” When this world and the people in it fail you, God is the One and Only that WILL NOT!! I can’t function without Jesus and neither can you!!




For your listening pleasure!! You’re welcome!! Lol!! 😉


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