It’s a Process

How do you feel about the word process? To some, that word makes people cringe and to some, maybe not. It’s possible that some people will automatically think of the word patience when they think of process. Why? Because usually it takes patience to go through a process to get to the result! I am not a fan of the word, however, I know that process is necessary a lot of situations. Which, oddly enough, is very much like patience. Not a fan of it, but it’s necessary in the Christian walk and in life.

About a year and a half ago I ran a half marathon. I know that I have mentioned it in my posts before, and I still question why I ever ran it in the first place. However, it is a big accomplishment! And a huge one for me, because I despise running for long periods of time. I played basketball. I’m better at the short and quick sprints! Anyway, I started training in August and the marathon was in November. I did the training program through Fleet Feet. Clearly, it was a process to get my rear end in shape to run a half marathon. We trained with a group every Tuesday night (I think, may have been Thursday??) and every Saturday morning. So. Much. Running. On Tuesday’s, we had our strength training day. In my mind, strength training is with weights. Not so much. In this case, we started at the store and ran to a semi steep hill and would have to run up that stinkin hill numerous times and back down, and then we would have to run back to the store! ugh! I’m exhausted just thinking about it!! Obviously, this was to build your stamina, and leg muscles. Oh and don’t worry, I went into this thinking that I may lose some weight…nope! Pretty sure I gained and I think my legs got bigger! Saturday’s would be our long run’s. My ultimate goal for this thing was just to finish! I wanted to be able to run the whole thing, but come about mile 11, my body said no to that! Ha! I was doing good to finish at that point. It was a process to even get to that point though! I think we started out running 5 miles and by the end, I was able to run 11 miles straight without walking and 13.1 miles all together! Whoa! It was a process!

Life is like that…a process. Some of those miles that I ran were absolutely brutal. I was wanting to lay down and give up, but I didn’t. I kept going. How many times does life knock us down and we want nothing more than to throw in the towel?! During my race, at mile marker 11, my body literally told me that I had to stop running. I could not physically run at that point. I kept walking, but I had to slow down because my body needed to. God could be saying the same thing to you, and that’s ok! He steps in and says, “slow down sweet child of mine.” One, you need to slow down, two, you are trying to do way too much at one time and you need to rest. It WILL get done, you will get there, but guess what…sometimes it’s a process to reach that certain point. This is something that you are going to have to be patient with. Frustrating, I know.

I have been doing some serious soul searching lately. I guess that is what you would call it, or maybe self-reflecting? Just been trying to change things that need to be changed in my own life. I want to be better. I need to be better. I want to be the woman that God called me to be. And not only that, I want and need to be that woman for my future husband. That is a prayer everyday for myself. “God, make me the woman that you called me to be and make me the woman that I need to be for him.” Trust me, it has been a process and not necessarily an easy one. God has opened my eyes to things that I had not seen in myself. Things that I didn’t want to see, but needed to be brought to my attention. I can’t say that I am cured of those things yet, but I am working towards them. It’s a process. Changing habits takes time right?

Trust God in the process! There is a reason God does the things that He does! Not an easy lesson to learn, but a good one!


Happy Monday!




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