War Room…Do You Have One?

“He is not impressed by the strength of a horse; He does not value the power of a man. The Lord values those who fear him, those who put their hope in His faithful love.”

Psalm 147:2

I love this verse. I love pretty much the entire book of Psalm because there is basically a chapter for every emotion that we experience! It feels that way to me anyway. But in a nutshell, this verse is saying that God sees the inside of man more than what is on the outside. He doesn’t care what you look like. We put that pressure on ourselves. God is more interested in what’s in your heart. How you treat others. Your relationship with Him. That is what God is looking at when He looks at you. Does that comfort you or make you a little uncomfortable? Probably a little of both right? That is how it is for me, because I know there are a bunch of things that your girl needs to work on.

How great is it though, that God sees you for who you really are?! He sees behind the façade. Peel back those layers that we put up towards others and he sees just you. Thank you Lord. You know those days when you are just broken? You have no desire to do anything but just cry! Nothing is going to help but just getting on the floor, on your knees, lying on your bed, your couch, wherever you prefer and just let it all out. I think that is when we experience God’s love the most because that is as real as we get with Him. Walls are down and we aren’t putting on this front for anyone. We are laying it all out for the One that created us. When was the last time that you just laid it all out there for God? Just got on your knees and cried out to Him? Was it when you needed something? Was it when you were at your lowest point and you didn’t have anywhere to go, but Him? Was it yesterday? Think about it.

Ya know, we don’t have to be in a bad spot to cry out to Jesus. We don’t have to “need something” before we get on our knees and talk to Him. Some of my favorite times have been going in my spare bedroom and turning on worship music and just singing and worshipping God, and crying out to Him in prayer. Just praising His name! Giving Him glory for ALL He has done!

When I first bought my apartment, it was for a specific reason. It was between this one and one other one. The other apt was going to be brand new. I would have been the first to live in it. It was a pretty good location, and it was very nice! Then there was the one that I am currently living in. It was still pretty new, and just as nice. The location was great and the pricing for both were about the same. The difference…a second bedroom. I will never forget. I was having a hard time deciding which to go with because I liked them both. Mom was with me, and she liked both as well and said it was whatever I wanted. Around that time was when the movie War Room was really popular. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it!! Anyway, I told mom that I would probably use the second bedroom as my “war room” (AKA…prayer closet)!! When I said that to mom, she said, “well I think you’ve found your answer!” Or something of that nature! I love that I have a place that I can go and just let everything out! It’s so good and so necessary for a Christian to do that! If you do not have a place, I challenge you to find one. It needs to be somewhere that you can be alone, obviously. But somewhere that you feel comfortable enough to lay everything at the feet of Jesus. Where you can strip down all of the layers that you put up towards people and be the real YOU with your creator!! He wants that from you! And let me tell you, your relationship with God will soar leaps and bounds!! Not only with Him, but in your relationship with others as well!!

Have a blessed Monday!


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