Christian Standard vs. Grace

My friend and I have been talking a lot this past week about how hard we can be on ourselves when it comes to our Christian walk. I know I have talked about this a little bit before but I want to expand on it because I know we are all guilty of this. I think, as Christians we are held to a certain standard in how we live our lives. There are expectations and when we don’t meet those expectations, we can feel so defeated. I hate that we do this. I hate that I do this. We have to remember that sin is unfortunately apart of this life that we live. It is inevitable! Perfection is unattainable. There are probably some out there that think they measure up to the status of perfect, but trust me, they have their weaknesses just like everyone else. My friend is struggling because she is wanting and striving to live that Christian life but she doesn’t feel like she can ever get to that standard of complete and total surrender to God. She doesn’t know what that looks like for her. I think in our minds, some of us feel like we need to be doing something so major in order to feel like we are bringing something to the table in our relationship with Jesus. I have felt that way many times. In my mind, I needed to be singing and ministering to thousands of people to have some sort of purpose on this earth. This couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth. God needs you and uses you where you are!!

I think people have very different views of what the Christian standard is, but inevitably it is to live like Jesus. Seeing as how Jesus lived a completely perfect life on this earth, we can never live up to that standard. However, you can still try to be like Jesus!! It’s how we as Christians are supposed to live. It is an unreachable goal and failure will happen. Before I discourage you too much…WAIT!!! There is one word that you need to focus on here…GRACE!! I will say it again…GRACE!!! Such beautiful word!! The definition…the unmerited and undeserving favor of God. We are so undeserving, but He chooses to give us GRACE because He loves us. Beyond our comprehension! Those sins that you and I commit daily, Jesus died for those! He went to the cross because He didn’t want you to have to pay for it. He said, I am going to take care of this for you. Not to make you feel guilty, not because He wants you to somehow pay Him back, but because He LOVES you. What He wants in return, is your heart! Your whole heart. He knows you will mess up, but He also knows your heart better than anyone. He’s the one that formed it. He sees the life that you are trying to live. He sees that you are doing your best to live in this crazy world around us. He knows it’s not easy, and He loves you anyway.

“The law was brought in so that the trespass might increase. But where sin increased, GRACE increased all the more..” Romans 5:20

Do you get that? Yall, the more you sin, the more grace God extends to you!! Don’t misunderstand me. Please don’t go out intending to sin more, just to experience more of God’s grace. That is not the point, and that probably won’t work out in your favor!! This does however, show how much God loves us. Your sin does not define you and He looks beyond that sin and loves the person that you are. Allow yourself to experience that kind of love and experience that GRACE!! It is like no other!!



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