Cry Out to Jesus

I was watching this movie the other day, a Christmas movie! Ha! It was a Christian movie as well. One of those corny, sappy, feel good movies. The plot isn’t important but the main girl character had this particular scene that got me thinking. Her character in the movie is not a Christian, but throughout the movie she begins to learn about Jesus and the bible. She doesn’t really know anything about the Christian faith. Obviously, she has so many questions and it is quite entertaining. The particular scene that I wanted to talk about was toward the end of the movie. At this point in the movie, she has gotten to know a good bit about Jesus. She knows many bible stories and started volunteering at the local church. We come to the climax of the movie which involves her past coming in to haunt her and she gets her heart broken. She has no family and no place to go. She walks into this particular church, but not the one where she had been volunteering. There is a beautiful statue of Jesus and she just yells at it. “What have you got against me?” The pastor of the church walks in and, of course, she is slightly embarrassed. He reassures her that it’s ok. He tells her to stay as long as she wants and walks away. She sits down in one of the pews and she breaks. She cries out to Him. She finally comes to the point of surrender and says to Him, “I’m listening, what do I need to do?”

I KNOW we have all been at this point in our lives at some time or another. Whether you are a Christian or not. We have all experienced a time in our lives where NOTHING goes right. The saying, “when it rains, it pours” is in full effect and we just sit there and yell at God, like “what the heck are you doing up there”?! Am I right?! When I was watching this scene, it made me think back to the last time that I yelled at God. Yep, I did. Seriously! I was beyond frustrated and hurt, and I blamed it all on Him. It was all completely my fault too. However, God didn’t sit there and say, “told ya so”! He didn’t say, “If you would have listened to Me…”. He didn’t scold me or get mad at me. He welcomed me with open arms and held me while I cried…and cried…and cried some more. He is so faithful! He never fails to welcome me back in His arms when I stray away. And I stray more often than I should. I try doing things on my own and I get slapped so hard back in the other direction I don’t even see it coming. It never fails though, God is there again and again with His open arms. You fall, He will catch you. You cry, He has every one of those tears in the palm of His hand. He sees EVERY tear. Your heart is broken, He is there to put the pieces back together. You feel alone, He never leaves you. You feel unloved, He willingly DIED for you!

I love this scene in the movie! Hopefully I can explain why in the best way. When we get down to the lowest of lows, when everyone else has failed us, when all hope seems lost, where or who do we run to? Jesus! Even the non-believer, much like the girl in the movie. At the time, there was no where and no one else for her to go to, but Jesus came to her rescue! Yes, I realize that a lot of times this will be the only time that we run to Him. When all is lost with no place to go. But I guess what I want you to see is the fact that we ALWAYS come back to Jesus, or in some cases, you run to Him for the very first time. Let’s face it, life really stinks sometimes! There are those times when you need someone/anyone to talk to and no one is available. You go down your list of people that you would call and literally no one answers the phone! You almost feel like they are ignoring you on purpose. Totally been there! In that moment though, you realize that God is waiting on you to call on Him instead. When you finally do decide to talk to God about it, you break. Everything that you have been holding in comes crashing down and you completely breakdown and give it ALL to the Lord!

He is so glad that you FINALLY allowed Him to comfort your heart!! He had been waiting for you to ask Him for help!! He delights in you and loves it when you cry out to Him! Regardless of how long it’s been. A week, a year, or even 10 years. He welcomes you with open arms!! Never forget that He is and always will be there!!

God, I pray for anyone that is on the brink of a breakdown. They are hanging on by a thread and they really don’t know where or who to turn to. God, I pray that they know that you are the only one that can put their life back on track. You are the only one that can bring peace into their life of chaos. I pray, even if they are mad at you, that they cry out to you! We can’t live this life without you and I pray for all of those that are trying to do just that. I pray that you make your presence known in the midst of all the calamity!!

In Jesus name I pray…AMEN!!



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